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At Truck Zone, we understand this. An accident, breakdown, or engine failure can come out of nowhere - and usually at the most inopportune of times.

We are happy to offer our partnership with Patron West - providing an alternate option to Keep You On The Road! Based out of Edmonton, and serving businesses across Canada, Patron West makes it easier than ever to get quick and easy-to-navigate access to financing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patron West?
Patron West is a privately owned Canadian equipment leasing and finance brokerage that arranges asset-based financing for businesses across Canada.
When would I call Patron West?
You can call Patron West any time you are purchasing new or used equipment or vehicles for your business, as well as any time you need capital for heavy repair financing or want to refinance! Their account managers are always happy to help answer any questions and assist you in determining your best options.
Will using Patron West affect my personal or business credit rating?
No. In fact, Patron West will go above and beyond to make you aware of anything they see on your credit bureau and provide strategies for improving your score.
Why not use my bank?

Bank Financing and Equipment Financing are not the same. Many business owners have the misconception that only working with their Bank will be an advantage to their business and help them grow.

  • A Bank needs more security – Banks will generally want more guarantees from your business or personal.
  • More collateral – Banks loans typically encompass more than assets than just what you are buying.
  • More reporting – you may be required to report financials to the bank monthly or annually.
  • Lines of credit and typical Bank loans are demand loans, meaning the Bank can reduce or revoke the loan at any time.
Will there be a lien placed on my equipment?
With this program, yes, the lender requires a first charge on the equipment, which means any other liens or charges must be paid out as well and consolidated into one new finance.

The benefit is that it creates one simple and lower payment for the customer overall. Patron West will do much of the background work to make this as easy as possible.
Can I pay the financing out at any time?
The contract can be paid out early with the balance of payments owing. There are no exit penalties, and discounts can often be applied.

This is very similar to how most non-bank equipment leases and loans work. Many repair financing contracts are structured as leases giving the customer an enhanced tax benefit with more stability than bank financing.
What is the interest rate?
One great feature of this financing program is there is not one credit box every customer needs to fit into.

Established businesses through to start-ups all have options for financing at competitive rates based on credit, age of equipment, and the amount borrowed.

Rates and terms are disclosed in advance with no obligation or cost to you should you choose other options.
What are the financing program terms?
The maximum financing is 70% of the post-repaired market value. Repayment terms range from 24 to 48 months.

The minimum application currently is $15,000 plus tax. The age of equipment is subject to mileage/hours and credit of the borrower. If you have a payment or structure you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to ask!
For more information on their repair financing services and how they can help with your specific needs, visit Patron West's Website.

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