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Truck Zone has 5 locations to bring the best and most reliable heavy-duty truck & trailer repair shop service to you. Located in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville, Alberta, and Nanaimo, British Columbia, we treat each and every piece of equipment like our own. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty truck & trailer repair shop to take good care of your vehicle, give us a call. We have the tools, the staff, and the expertise to get any job done. For all your heavy-duty truck & trailer repair shop needs across Western Canada, Truck Zone’s got your back.

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Truck Zone: #1 in Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Repair in Western Canada

With close to 95 team members and 72 bay doors across five locations in Western Canada, Truck Zone is one of the leading heavy-duty truck & trailer repair shops in all of Canada. As a heavy-duty repair shop that performs everything from minor truck preventive maintenance to heavy equipment repair, Truck Zone is well-known throughout the industry for our wide range of diesel mechanic services and superior results. With thousands of happy customers across our service areas and many decades of combined experience amongst our team members, trust Truck Zone to get you moving again.

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Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Maintenance & Repair Services
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B620 & ABSA Tank Services
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Heavy-Duty Truck, Trailer & Tanker Parts & Accessories

What Our Customers
Are Saying

Thomas Fedoruk

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"Awesome little store that has almost everything you need for your truck in stock.  And if they don't, they know where to get it quick and on a budget.  And quality parts and service too.  Good little store."

Catherine Jevic

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"Get me the best price for the parts, staff spent the time to have it shipped in and the mechanics are friendly and efficient."

Kim Melnychuk

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"Huge shout out to the team at the Truck Zone in Bonnyville! We broke down with our trailer just as we pulled into town and they got us in immediately and safely on the road again in record time! Excellent customer service! Thank you so much!"

Kaitlynn Branton

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"Jorge is fantastic to deal with. He is a wealth of knowledge and always provides exceptional customer service. His efficiency in his work and the level at which he provides his services are second to none. You won't be disappointed dealing with him for your parts needs!"

Sterling Beaudin

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"Brought in our old MCI bus that has been converted to an RV, to have some frame-work done. The team was fantastic and very thorough in going over the bus looking for any issues. They fixed everything and we are very excited to get her back on the road and be worry free."

John Adair

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"Fantastic service on a short timeline. They they did great work, got it in the day I called and had it done in 24hours. Awesome."

Stephanie Lehmann

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"Honest service. Saved me money by offering suggestions instead of charging me for something that may not have been worthwhile."

Kirian Barsukoff

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"Awesome guys that are knowledgeable in the business they are in! They care about taking care of their customers and figuring out the problem and then getting you back on the road!"

Tamara Proulx

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"I would highly recommend truck zone, I have had many great experiences with Jorge in the parts department. Great, fast and efficient service."

Andrew Boulet

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"Truck Zone is the friendliest truck and trailer shop ive ever been to! Management is awesome, parts are efficient and accurate, the mechanics are all very knowledgeable, and the shop and yard are all very well maintained. If I could give more then 5 stars, I would!"

Benny Mac

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"The quality of trained mechanics I find exceptional. The staff, above and beyond pleasant. Their new shop location with 11 bays and a 110 ft. wash bay. Comfy drivers lounge with fridge sinks and microwave. Although I don't like to have breakdowns,  I'm always happy to return and visit."

Rachael Rode

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"Amazing service, will actually problem solve instead of sending you off to buy a $400 part and save you that money. They actually care which is refreshing these days and should be highly sought after."

John Dyck

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"Fabulous people and fantastic service! I broke down in lloydminster with my super bee.  They had the relay I needed and even brought it out to me.  Highly recommend shopping here."

C Saunders

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"Outstanding service at Truck Zone this summer when we needed parts for a seadoo trailer. Kudos to Neil for ordering parts and having them available within 24 hrs!!!! Highly recommend this business for professional, competent and reliable service!!!"

Chris Cleroux

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"Great service! came in at the end of the day last minute, and the guys still made my u bolts so I could get back on the road."

Treena Sierens

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"Thank you so much truck zone for fixing up our camper you did a awesome job." 🍻🍻

Our Heavy-Duty Truck & Trailer Repair & Maintenance Services

Our heavy-duty truck & trailer repair shops offer a wide range of inspections, maintenance, and repair services for all of your heavy-duty (Class 5 to 8) trucks and trailers. Our highly trained team of diesel mechanics are dedicated to maintaining and servicing your truck or trailers so that they stay in great working order for years to come.
Heavy Truck Axle Repair Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville.

Axle Repair

Are you looking to get your heavy-duty axles serviced? Whether they need to be replaced or just regreased, you’ll find great services here at Truck Zone. With a full roster of mechanics and four locations to choose from, we’ve got the high-quality services you and your truck deserve.

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Heavy-Duty Brake Repairs & Service Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville

Brake Repair

Are your heavy-duty brakes not functioning properly? Whether you’ve got worn-down brake pads or a malfunctioning air brake system, give us a call here at Truck Zone. We’ve got a wide selection of amazing services that are bound to meet your every need.

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Heavy Truck Coolant System Repairs & Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville.

Coolant System Repair

Is your coolant system malfunctioning? If so, Truck Zone is the heavy-duty repair shop you’ve been looking for. With a full roster of experienced and highly trained mechanics, no job is too big or too small. We’ve got the tools, the equipment, and the know-how to get any job done.

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Heavy Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville.

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

Electrical problems can be very frustrating. Not only are they difficult to diagnose, but they can be anywhere and affect anything. Fortunately, we here at Truck Zone are diagnostics and electrical service experts. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

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Heavy Truck EGR & DPF Repair & Maintenance Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville.


Your EGR system and DPF are both important emissions control systems that can affect the performance of your engine if not properly maintained. Fortunately, here at Truck Zone, we offer repairs and maintenance services of all kinds for both EGR systems and DPFs.

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Heavy Duty Engine Rebuild & Repair Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Engine Repair & Rebuild

Heavy-duty repair shops that rebuild entire diesel engines are hard to come by. Fortunately for anyone looking, you’ve found one! Here at Truck Zone, we offer engine rebuild and repair services of all kinds. Call today to learn more.

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Heavy Truck Exhaust System Repair & Service Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Exhaust System Repair

Is your exhaust system acting up? Whether you’ve got a minor exhaust leak or a malfunctioning emissions control component, we’ve got the solution for you here at Truck Zone. Give us a call or visit our location to hear more!

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Heavy Truck Express Lube Services in Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Express Lube

Keeping your heavy-duty truck properly lubricated is the most important step in any preventive maintenance regimen. Without proper lubrication, your engine, transmission, and differentials are all at risk of catastrophic failure. Come see us today at Truck Zone to receive high-quality Express Lube services.

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HVAC System Repairs & Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

HVAC System Repair

Having an effective HVAC system is critical when it comes to driver comfort and safety. If your HVAC system isn’t performing well, be sure to give us a call. Here at Truck Zone, we have the tools and equipment to complete any job.

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Heavy Truck Oil & Fluid Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Oil & Fluid

Do you need to get the oil or fluid in one or more of your components changed? If so, you’ve come to the right heavy-duty repair shop. We’re oil and fluid experts. Whether you need your engine oil changed or your transmission flushed, we’ve got you covered.

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Heavy Truck Suspension Repairs Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Suspension Repair

Is your suspension system acting up? Is your ride quality super rough? Does your truck squat under heavy loads? If you said yes to any of these questions, we highly recommend bringing your truck in for service. Here at Truck Zone, we’ve got the great services you and your heavy-duty truck deserve.

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Heavy Truck Transmission & Clutch Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie & Bonnyville

Transmission & Clutch Repair

Is your transmission acting up? Are you looking to get it repaired by a transmission expert? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of transmission experts here at Truck Zone. Whether you need maintenance or large repair, we’ve got your back.

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Additional Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic Services

B620 Rank Inspection & Repair Service Lloydminster Nanaimo and Bonnyville

B620 Tank Inspection & Repair

Truck Zone is proud to offer B620 safety-certified tank inspection and repair facilities. Currently, our Lloydminster, Bonnyville, and Nanaimo locations have full-service facilities with a combined 40 years of experience in tank inspections and repairs.

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CVIP & CVIP Provincial Truck Inspections Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville & Nanaimo

CVIP Inspection

At Truck Zone, our mechanics are certified to perform both CVIP inspections and provincial inspections. Repair shops that perform provincial inspections are hard to come by, so be sure to schedule an appointment while spots are still available.

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Professional Truck Fleet Management Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville & Nanaimo

Fleet Management

At Truck Zone, we offer truck fleet management programs for companies looking for consistency and attentive care while maintaining their truck and/or trailer fleet. Our truck fleet program includes competitive service and inspection rates. We also offer fleet rate pricing on qualifying parts and have access to an extensive supplier parts network in order to find exactly what we need to keep on hand for your fleet's unique needs.

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General Heavy-Duty Diesel Repair Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville

General Diesel Repair

Are you looking to get your diesel engine repaired? If so, Truck Zone’s the right place to visit. Heavy-duty diesel engines can be quite complex, and as such, things tend to break. Fortunately, our technicians here at Truck Zone can fix anything. Call today to book an appointment.

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Heavy Equipment Repair & Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville & Nanaimo

Heavy Equipment Repair

Has your heavy equipment been damaged? If so, don’t fret. We’ve got the tools and equipment here at Truck Zone to get your operation back up and running. Whether you want to bring it to our shop or have us come to you, we’ve got you covered.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Modification Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville & Nanaimo

Heavy-Duty Truck Modifications

Is your truck not performing as well as you want it to? If so, we’ve got the modification and performance upgrade services for you. Whether you want to install a larger turbocharger or a stronger coolant system, you can rest assured knowing we’ve got you covered.

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24/7 Heavy-Truck Mobile Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville

Mobile Truck Repair

Don’t have time to bring your truck into the shop? No problem! Here at Truck Zone, we have several mobile service trucks that are very well equipped. We’ll drive out to your location and get your heavy-duty truck or heavy equipment fixed in no time.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Performance & Tuning Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville

Performance & Tuning

Do you want to increase your truck’s power output? Whether you want to tune your ECU or install performance upgrades like larger turbochargers or cold air intakes, we’ve got your back here at Truck Zone.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Preventive Maintenance Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville.

Preventive Maintenance

If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your heavy-duty vehicle, save yourself money, and reduce the risk of an unexpected breakdown, preventive maintenance is for you. Here at Truck Zone, we have the best preventive maintenance services in the region.

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RV Repair & Maintenance Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, and Bonnyville

RV Repair

Do you have a large RV that’s in need of repair or maintenance? If so, you’ve come to the right repair shop. At Truck Zone, we have the technicians, tools, and equipment to get your mechanical RV repair job done. For all your heavy-duty RV needs, Truck Zone is the place to visit.

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Heavy Truck 24/7 Roadside Services Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville & Nanaimo

Roadside Assistance

Have you broken down on the side of the road and needed immediate roadside assistance? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Truck Zone, we offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to drivers within 130 km of each of our repair centers.

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Heavy Truck & Trailer Alignment Edmonton, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville, & Nanaimo

Truck & Trailer Alignment

Are you looking to get your heavy-duty truck aligned? Here at Truck Zone, we offer three different types of alignment. Front-end alignment, two-axle alignment, and three-axle alignment. For all your heavy-duty alignment needs, Truck Zone is the place to visit.

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Custom Service Reporting for Your Fleet

A crucial part of fleet management is keeping a strong handle on all of the unique needs of your trucks and everything that is happening with your units. From a simple filter change to a full inspection, knowing your fleet’s service history in minute detail goes a long way in improving the overall efficiency and productivity of your units. That is where our Fleet Service Reports come into play. Stay on top of your data with our detailed service reporting.

Heavy-Duty Truck Parts & Accessories

Truck Zone is a consolidated heavy-duty parts and service provider. We offer a complete line of heavy-duty truck, trailer, and tanker parts as well as industrial and safety supplies. You'll find a wide selection of parts at each of our locations.

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At Truck Zone, we understand this: an accident, breakdown, or engine failure can come out of nowhere - and usually at the most inopportune of times.

We are happy to offer our partnership with Patron West - providing an alternate option to Keep You On The Road! Based out of Edmonton, and serving businesses across Canada, Patron West makes it easier than ever to get quick and easy-to-navigate access to financing.

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Patron West's knowledgeable finance staff is available to make the process of repairing your truck easy, so there's no need to put it off. To get a quote, apply now.

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