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Tips for Preventing Pickup Truck Damage

Your pickup truck is vulnerable to getting damaged, but there are proactive steps you can take! Use the following strategies to help prevent expensive repairs.

Your pickup truck is vulnerable to getting damaged, but there are proactive steps you can take! Use the following strategies to help prevent expensive pickup truck repairs.

Be Careful with Road Bumps

Road bumps can be expected (such as speed bumps and curbs) or unexpected (such as potholes). Anytime you encounter a road bump, proceed with caution.

Going too fast over road bumps can cause plenty of issues, including:

  • Buckled or unbalanced wheels
  • Cracked tires
  • Damaged suspension, exhaust, and other pickup truck parts
  • Damaged steering column and wheel position.

Avoid Overgrown Brush

Many pickup truck owners take their vehicles off-roading. It's an exciting adventure, but also one with risks. Try to avoid going through overgrown brush as much as possible, which will help reduce the chances of incurring scratches.

Stick Within Weight Limits

A pickup truck is a great resource for hauling heavy cargo, but it should never be overpacked. Exceeding your pickup truck's weight limits can damage the brakes, tires, suspension, and more. Plus, it increases the chances of a tire blow out or accident, which can cause further damage.

Park Indoors Whenever Possible

Each time a pickup truck is parked outside, it's left vulnerable to damage caused by Mother Nature. Heavy winds can cause objects to hit your pickup truck, leaving behind dents and broken glass. UV rays from the sun can harm the pickup truck's paint. Hail can rain down on the exterior. By parking indoors, you can protect your pickup truck from weather damage. At home, keep your garage cleaned out so your pickup truck can fit inside. When out and about, use indoor parking garages.

Take Care of the Truck Bed Liner

The bed liner offers valuable protection for your pickup truck. If this external part gets damaged, it can trigger internal truck damage (such as water damage). Be sure to properly maintain the truck bed liner and address any issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Replace the Bumper

A standard pickup truck bumper is designed to crumple upon a collision. A custom aluminum pickup truck bumper takes a different approach. This type of bumper is able to offer valuable protection to the vehicle and help absorb the shock of the impact. With a custom aluminum bumper, your pickup truck will have reduced chances of damage. It's an upfront investment that can save you a fortune on bumper repairs!

The friendly staff at Truck Zone is happy to answer questions, provide advice, and help with any of your service needs. Simply contact us or visit our one of our service centres. We proudly serve those across central Alberta with our headquarters being in Edmonton.

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